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Going to the dentist’s office sometimes comes with irrational anxiety and stress. At Porsch Dental in North Garland, Texas, J. Brian Porsch, DDS, offers top-of-the-line sedation dental services to make sure you never have to miss an important checkup or procedure because of fear of visiting the dentist’s office. Learn more about the benefits of sedation dentistry by calling the office or going online to book an appointment.

Sedation Dentistry Q & A

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry refers to a specialty branch of medicine that uses medication to help you relax during dental procedures. Sedation dentistry doesn’t involve anesthesia and doesn’t put you under.

Dr. Porsch offers sedation dental services to help you feel comfortable going to the dentist’s office to get work done, as many people skip important checkups and procedures because it gives them too much anxiety. Dr. Porsch works to prevent that.

What levels of sedation dentistry are available?

Porsch Dental offers three different levels of sedation dentistry to ensure your comfort and that you’re relaxed:

Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation (laughing gas)

Perhaps one of the most common types of sedation, nitrous oxide is extremely popular with young adults and children. Dr. Porsch places a mask over your nose that then disperses the gas throughout the procedure.

The gas doesn’t stay in your system long. In other words, you can resume your daily activities within an hour after the procedure.

Oral sedation

With oral sedation, Dr. Porsch gives you a pill that takes about an hour to kick in. The pill doesn’t anesthetize you or put you under, though it can make you drowsy and cause you to fall asleep.

Oral sedation affects each person differently and doesn’t have a universal standard of efficacy. You should arrange for someone to come pick you up after your appointment.

Intravenous sedation (IV)

Intravenous sedation is another common type of sedation. It’s one of the most effective options out there.

The medication of choice for intravenous sedation is midazolam, a medicine that makes you forget the procedure. Your reflexes remain intact during the procedure, and you might require local anesthesia depending on the work you’re getting done.

During the procedure, Dr. Porsch monitors your heart’s activity and makes sure everything is going according to plan. Please arrange for someone to come pick you up after your appointment.

When should I consider sedation dentistry?

You should consider sedation dentistry if you’ve intentionally not gone to the dentist’s office because of fear of what a procedure will entail or being too panicked in the chair. Remember by avoiding the dentist’s office, you’re stopping yourself from getting essential and vital dental care.

You might also consider sedation dentistry if the work you’re getting done is going to take more than three hours to complete.

Stop avoiding the dentist’s office. Schedule an appointment at Porsch Dental today by phone or online to find out more about sedation dentistry.